Asset Management

We are a licensed, regulated and independent Asset Manager. We offer advisory and discretionary mandates.

Our clients are mainly Ultra High Net Worth Individuals mainly from Asia who seek an alternative to their own existing banking solutions.

Wealth Management

We provide independent investment advice and solutions.

We offer advisory mandates.
We suggest – you decide.

We offer discretionary mandates:
We manage for you – you monitor.

Pegasus Fund

Share Class B
Algorithm Trading based on our own in house system. Our Partner and Fund Manager Philipp Schuch developed his own algorithm system based on which we are trading highly liquid and daily traded investments – mainly stock market indices, commodities, currencies, bonds and precious metals. The trading is unleveraged and achieved positive performance in the past 14 years.

Share Class D
We are an activist investor seeking to unlock value by enhancing good corporate governance. We do not seek control or management influence in the companies we invest. We are a true financial investor with a medium term investment horizon.

Share Class F, G, H & I
Opportunistic Approach